Bob Beason and Rene Ellis bring decades of experience in mediation and risk analysis to finding effective solutions to complex controversies. We have built our firm on a commitment to tailoring our strategy to the specific personal and legal issues embedded in each case entrusted to us.

In the individual websites for us, you will see a rich diversity of cases that we have mediated. In several fields, each of us has had scores of mediations. We believe that our track record provides an edge in reaching the heart of your case and enhances the likelihood for a resolution short of trial.

In addition to our mediation services, we have trained over 2000 mediators over the past fifteen years. The touchstone of our training is building skills that will enable our colleagues to become highly effective in conflict resolution. We offer our training services at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, and at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte.

You may contact us by phone, email or fax. We look forward to working with you.

Upcoming Mediation Training Dates

  • April 17-21, 2013
    The Friday Center
    Chapel Hill, NC