Billing Practices And Payment Terms

René S. Ellis

Mediation Fees

For your convenience and ours, our usual practice is to mail invoices for mediation fees to the attorneys for represented parties following mediation. TO ENABLE US TO CONTINUE THIS PRACTICE, WE REQUIRE THE ATTORNEYS TO ASSURE US OF PAYMENT FOR THE STATUTORY OR AGREED SHARE OF THE MEDIATION FEES ALLOCATED TO THEIR CLIENT. If requested, in order to facilitate payment or collection, our mediators will provide handwritten invoice and receive payment at the conclusion of the mediation. Unrepresented parties with no established billing relationship with us will ordinarily be required to make payment at the conclusion of the mediation.

Administrative Fee

  • Becomes billable when a date for mediation has been confirmed.

$100 per party

Mediator's Fee

$325 per hour

Rescheduling Fee/Reconvening Fee


Postponement/Cancellation Fee

  • Since the fee is intended to partially compensate for a lost workday, this fee will be waived if we are able to schedule another mediation on your date.
  • The postponement/cancellation fee will be invoiced equally between all parties unless parties agree to allocate otherwise.

$500 in cases cancelled or postponed less than three weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Travel time outside the Triangle (Durham, Orange, Wake and Chatham counties)

$162.50 per hour

This is not an invoice.
Federal tax ID # 45-0489-526
Revised/Effective Date: July 1, 2011


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Upcoming Mediation Training Dates

  • August 3 - August 7, 2011
    The Friday Center
    Chapel Hill, NC